Blind Hysteria

This blog created as a vent port for myself, a registered sex offender (RSO) and those affected by the recent hysteria surrounding RSOs, in particular web sites which display names, addresses and photographs, despite the offender's successful re-integration with society.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

So Much for the Pacific Northwest

My brother was encouraged m to move to Washington to escape my local nightmare. It is very beautiful up there and he has several acres right on the Sound. The state's Megan's Law web site was very encouraging and I became quite excited when I read that anyone coming to Washington from out of state and whose crime was committed before 1990 was not required to register. But, knowing how grossly inaccurate these sites can be, I contacted the Snohomish County Sherrif's office and talked to one of the detective's in charge of RSOs. I am always impressed by how informative, professional and helpful these folks can be. In 10 years I had only two negative experiences here in LA, but otherwise it's just business as usual. Somehow I think it will remain business as usual when they start marching us into gas chambers.
Anyway, he gave me disappointing information that if one was in custody or on parole in 1990 then one still must register. I remain unconvinced, however, and might look a little deeper.