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This blog created as a vent port for myself, a registered sex offender (RSO) and those affected by the recent hysteria surrounding RSOs, in particular web sites which display names, addresses and photographs, despite the offender's successful re-integration with society.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Evasive Action

So I moved to another state just in time to dodge the bullet of my photo on the web for all to see. It breaks my heart that my past actions are punishing my wife. She has had an amazingly wonderful attitude through out this nightmare. It breaks my heart, but we have placed our hopes in a lawyer who believes he can do some things to help us. Ideally, when he is through I will no longer have to register as a sex offender because I have proven through my actions since release that I am not a threat to society. That will keep me off of the web site. But registering was only an annual mild pain in the butt - I will gladly register for the rest of my life if I can just stay off of that web site and return to the normal, wonderful life I had just a few short months ago.

I am created this online journal not just as a forum for my own venting rants, but for others, despite successful re-entry to society, are negatively affected by PC290.

NOTE: This is not a place for any registered sex offenders who have been convicted of multiple crimes (i.e. repeat offenders who have been tried and convicted in more than one case). Additionally this is NOT a place for anyone who considers himself to be a "legitimate pedophile", NAMBLA members or anyone convicted of crimes against a child.
This is not a place for sex offenders to congregate. I am no a "sex offender" any more than anyone else should be labeled by his or her worst act. I am sure that all the Red Light Runners, Side Walk Spitters, Adulterers, Tax Cheaters and STD Spreaders out there will understand where I am coming from on that one.
This is a place for people such as myself who screwed up ONCE, and the loved ones of those who have paid their "debt to society" and have or are working hard on making a success of themselves as citizens in general.
This is a place for discussion about current legislative efforts across the country or around the world that will affect us in any way, and to share positive ideas about how to adjust, cope and fight to protect our fundamental constitutional rights.


  • At 4:46 PM, Blogger excludeme said…

    I am interested to know whether anyone has filed an application for exclusion from internet disclosure and how it was handled by the DOJ. Right now they don't seem to give any answers. Are they routinely denying or granting them? Have they just ignored them since they got them? Any comments on any experience anyone may have had with applying to go OFF the website would be helpful.

  • At 7:17 PM, Blogger Octavius Winslow said…

    I have only come across one instance on the web of someone who has had experience and so far, so bad, but then hat else would you expect from our government.

    Anyway, here's a link. scroll down to the heading, "CIVIL RIGHTS OF ONE TIME OFFENDER, 15 YEARS AGO."


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