Blind Hysteria

This blog created as a vent port for myself, a registered sex offender (RSO) and those affected by the recent hysteria surrounding RSOs, in particular web sites which display names, addresses and photographs, despite the offender's successful re-integration with society.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Long time no see...

Wow, so much time has passed since my last entry and so little has happened. Amazingly, the last 7 months since I was forced to quit my job have gone by so quickly because each day melts into the other, not unlike when I was in the joint. I think in the joint though I was enjoying life more because I was able to stay productive. Now, however, I am in a depressed sort of funk and my doctor put me on Zoloft to help reduce my anxiety (the source for which she knows not).

New State originally had me classified as a level I RSO, but several moths later I got a letter stating that I was being re-classified as a level II based on information received from Old State.
I appealed this decision and drove 8 hours to New State's capital to attend this hearing. What a waste of gas. The two people I met with were very nice and seemingly sympathetic women about my age, who promised nothing but assured me that they would take my case into careful consideration. Two weeks later I received a letter informing me that I would stay a level II.
This would not really be a huge deal were it not for pending legislation that could lead to people like me that have been out for more than 10 years being paced on the state RSO web site. F'ing bullshit. Just like Old State, people that have lead productive, happy lives for decades will be outed and their lives and the lives of those they love will be changed forever.
I can't believe this is good in any way shape or form and no one can offer anything to indicate that a single person has been protected as a result of these web sites.
Anyway, I don't know how much longer it makes sense to stay in New State. The feds have announced a National Site that will pull information from each state, so if I appear on New State's site, then I will be on the National Site. Now, if I can find a state in which I don't have to register, that would be ideal. But the laws are just too f'ing dynamic and I can't run from state to state.
Even the private sector is jumping on this bandwagon. In Texas a developer has declared the housing tract he is building will be "Sex Offender Free."

Hopefully, God willing, the courts will step in and put an end to this insanity, but I tend to doubt it. Indeed. My gut tells me it will et a lot worse before it gets any better.

The wife and I decided to rent out our house in Old State and move into the old house. Although we're using a property management company to minimize interaction between the tenant, I worry a nosy neighbor will say something to the tenant and we'lll have some entenglements, though I know of no legal obligation to dislose anything to anyone when it comes to real estate transactions. Not only that, if we buy something here, how long will we enjoy it before I am on a web site? If I am on this web ste, I may as well be back in Old State where the weather is nocer and there are 10 times as many jobs and other opportunities for everything.
Either way, atually it wil be beneficial to pick up one of these cheaper houses out here. Just got to time the market right as it looks like a correction is looming.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

So Much for the Pacific Northwest

My brother was encouraged m to move to Washington to escape my local nightmare. It is very beautiful up there and he has several acres right on the Sound. The state's Megan's Law web site was very encouraging and I became quite excited when I read that anyone coming to Washington from out of state and whose crime was committed before 1990 was not required to register. But, knowing how grossly inaccurate these sites can be, I contacted the Snohomish County Sherrif's office and talked to one of the detective's in charge of RSOs. I am always impressed by how informative, professional and helpful these folks can be. In 10 years I had only two negative experiences here in LA, but otherwise it's just business as usual. Somehow I think it will remain business as usual when they start marching us into gas chambers.
Anyway, he gave me disappointing information that if one was in custody or on parole in 1990 then one still must register. I remain unconvinced, however, and might look a little deeper.

Friday, February 25, 2005


The Abrams Report on MSNBC today covered a story out of Illinois about efforts to stop registered sex offenders from wearing Santa Clause or Easter costumes. Now, I can get onboard with shopping centers not hiring registered child molesters to play Santa. The last think I want is my kid to sit on the lap of some old perv so desperate for cash that he has to take one of these miserable jobs. The report was vague and, like most news stories, probably 75% inaccurate, but Abrams mentioned that SORs might be barred from wearing any costumes at all. And maybe not even be allowed to pass out candy at friggen Halloween!!!!

Personally I like to go out and party on Halloween with friends. My wife loves to dress up and we head out to West Hollywood to people watch. Besides, I end up eating most of the candy I buy to hand out well before the stoopid holiday, but to make sure have plenty for the big night, I buy more. And each year I am reminded that there are a fraction of the kids out on the street as when I was a kid, and most of it is still in the bowl by the end of the evening. To stop myself from eating it I take it to work and eave it in the kitchen for others to enjoy.

So in Illinions yo umight not even be able to wear a Santa outfit to entertain your own kids in your own house. Wild. I think next Halloween I'll dress up like a Nazi fascist from the People's Republik of Illinois.

Where will it end?

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Not so alone after all...

Talk about your double-edged swords. The very tool that they are using to ruin so many lives is also a means by which we can suppport each other.
Here's a couple of links to spaces SORs have carved out on the web to support one another...

An MSN Group dedicated to the cause...

SOhopeful International - an organization that strives to change the way Megan's Law and similar legislation mandates the registration, tracking and community notification of non-violent, low risk sex offenders...

Monday, February 21, 2005

Interesting Study

I ran across this today on a law blog...

The report, entitled simply Sex Offender Sentencing, is available here, and the executive summary reports these notable and perhaps unexpected facts:

  • Nationally, according to the United States Department of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, the number of substantiated cases of sexual abuse of children declined 40% from 1992 to 2000. Victim-reported sex offenses involving children declined by 56%.
  • In Washington, sex offenses account for a small percentage of felony sentences entered annually. During fiscal year 2003, of the 27,213 felony sentences imposed in the state, 1,403 involved sex offenses.
  • On average sex offenders serve longer terms in prison and jail than persons convicted of other felony offenses. In fiscal year 2003, the average sentence length for all felonies was 37.3 months, compared to 90.8 months for sex offenses.
  • Sex offenders re-offend at lower rates than those convicted of other felonies. After five years, 15% of sex offenders return to prison for new offenses compared to 43% of offenders convicted of property crimes

Friday, February 18, 2005


I did a Google search of Registered Sex Offender blogs to see if anyone else had started something like this and I came upon the link below.

This person is actually concerned about RSOs living near Disneyland, as though you're at greater risk of attack inside the park if an RSO lives nearby. This kinda set me off and I posted my response below. You can also read it at the link above...

I am amazed at the continued lack of rational thought by too many Americans these days, especially with regard tot he hysteria surrounding registered sex offenders "living near you!" Now someone is actually paranoid about those living "near" Disneyland, as though there proximity to the park makes the danger to your child within the park so much greater. Given the price of admission to the park, and that the overwhelming number of kids in there will be with a parent and closely supervised, not to mention the number of staff and cameras, I don't think any pervert with that much premeditation would choose this as a place to find victims. Indeed, I wonder what the number of actual attacks within the park actually has been since the place opened, and of those, how many were residents of the local neighborhood, and of those, how many were registered sex offenders? If the answer to that question was Zero, would you feel any safer? I would, however I’d still be afraid of a malfunctioning piece of equipment or poorly trained ride operator. I’ll bet more people have been killed or maimed at the park than molested.

Do you people even stop for second of reflection before regurgitating a thought?

I'll bet that a more frequent crime within the park is thievery - pick pockets, car break-ins, etc. That said, I'd be more interested in knowing who the thieves are that live in nearby and want to know what Mr. Eisner is doing to protect my money. I mean, he has a vested interest in making sure that if my wallet gets lifted, it's by me when I take it out to pay for a $3 bottle of water, or $10 set of friggen mouse ears.

Let's be rationale people. If you actually plan your vacations or days off around where the pervs might live, then you have deeper issues.

Comments welcome.


A Registered Sex offender Living (Harmlessly) Near You

Evasive Action

So I moved to another state just in time to dodge the bullet of my photo on the web for all to see. It breaks my heart that my past actions are punishing my wife. She has had an amazingly wonderful attitude through out this nightmare. It breaks my heart, but we have placed our hopes in a lawyer who believes he can do some things to help us. Ideally, when he is through I will no longer have to register as a sex offender because I have proven through my actions since release that I am not a threat to society. That will keep me off of the web site. But registering was only an annual mild pain in the butt - I will gladly register for the rest of my life if I can just stay off of that web site and return to the normal, wonderful life I had just a few short months ago.

I am created this online journal not just as a forum for my own venting rants, but for others, despite successful re-entry to society, are negatively affected by PC290.

NOTE: This is not a place for any registered sex offenders who have been convicted of multiple crimes (i.e. repeat offenders who have been tried and convicted in more than one case). Additionally this is NOT a place for anyone who considers himself to be a "legitimate pedophile", NAMBLA members or anyone convicted of crimes against a child.
This is not a place for sex offenders to congregate. I am no a "sex offender" any more than anyone else should be labeled by his or her worst act. I am sure that all the Red Light Runners, Side Walk Spitters, Adulterers, Tax Cheaters and STD Spreaders out there will understand where I am coming from on that one.
This is a place for people such as myself who screwed up ONCE, and the loved ones of those who have paid their "debt to society" and have or are working hard on making a success of themselves as citizens in general.
This is a place for discussion about current legislative efforts across the country or around the world that will affect us in any way, and to share positive ideas about how to adjust, cope and fight to protect our fundamental constitutional rights.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Welcome to 1984

Indeed, the future is now. If you have ever done antyig wrong in your life, be prepared to have it plastered across the Internet, or maybe eeven the city's public access cable channel for all to know and judge. Despite the positive life you have led since your act, you will be judged henceforth by your lowest moment.

That is what is happening to over 60,000 Californians and tens of thousands more Americans throughout the country as demagogues pretend to keep the public safe by posting registered sex offender's names, addresses and photographs and broadcast same on cable TV. I am one of these Americans and out of feeelings of helplessness, anger and disenfranchisement, I have launched this weblog to vent and encourage others to join in, whether pro or con.
Before ranting, however, let me share a little background so that you can know I am actually a decent human being who deserves better than this crappy hand recently dealt to me and those I love.
In January of 1987 I was 20 years old and a severe alcoholic. If you believe in genetic predisposition toward alcoholism, then I am the poster boy thanks to all four of my dysfunctional parents (two biological, two step). And if you don't accept that one can inherit a predisposition toward the disease, then surely the abusive environment in which I was raised would drive anyone to drink. By now some of you readers might be rolling your eyes and saying "Oh, here he goes with the worn out 'I was abused as a child thing'." Please keep in mind that I am not offering up any excuses. I am just giving you some background. I accept full responsibility for my actions. My life was in the toilet and and my self-esteem could not have been lower due to various social stressors. In an effort to escape my troubles and "start fresh" I moved back in with the person who pysychologosts would say is responsible for the bullk of the emotional trauma I sustained as a child, dear old mom. She was still an alcoholic and together we enabled each other to drink beyond moderation. I enrolled in a local community college and worled hard, but there was something missing in my life: a healthy relationship with a woman.
One night, at the beginning of one semester I drank much too much before class, bourbin rather than my drink of preference, Coors. Probably out of inebriation I could not find my class and as I returned to my car I could not help but notice the attractive co-eds surounding me. I was so insecure and shy, I stared staright ahead rather than smile and risk that they might not smile back. At least I had that element of control. For whatever reason, my drunken state, hormonal imbalance, a momentary lapse of reason occured and the notion of simply taking a girl popped into my head and controlled me for the next couple of hours.
Less than a year later I was sent to state prison for kidnapping and rape. Despite the fact that I was too drunk to perform and I never physically harmed my victim, a young woman a couple years older than I was, I plead guilty and served 8 years of a 15 year sentence.

There are two ways you can do your time in prison. The most common way is to continue your destructive ways within the confines of the institution, or you can accept you screwed up, forgive yourself and exploit every program available to improve yourself and maximize your potential for success upon release. I chose the latter.
Earning two college degress and keeping fit kept me very busy and the time passed quickly. I want to give credit to my family for their support through those very rough times, but at the same time, as far as my parents are concerned, had they stopped their drinking, not divorced and raised their childrren in a healthy environment, I probably would not have been in that position in the first place, but that's another discussion we'll cover later on. It was my own awakening and sense that helped me survive and thrive through prison and in society upon my release.
I have been free for over 10 years . During this time I have grown a successful career and small business. I am happilly married to the mosr wonderful woman in the world going on 5 years. I own multiple houses, properties and together earn more than most people our age. I am very proud of what I have achieved.
All of that success, however, is now threatened. States across the nation have invoked Meagan's Law as an excuse to display the names, addresses and photographs of all registered sex offenders. Until now I have enjoyed a level of anonymity that allowed me to build the life described above. Aside from my annual visit to the police department to register, I never had any encounters with the police and none of my new neighbors, friends or colleagues knew of my sordid past. They had no need to know of my darkest secret any more than I need to know theirs. Obviously, The State feels differently and mine and my wife's lives have been turned upside down.
Fortunately I caught wind of The States efforts to launch the site well enough in advance to relocate to another state that had not yet gone too such an extreme. They have a web site, but it does not show those who have been out of prison for more than 10 years, so I moved there where I stay within legal compliance and under the public's radar.
Throughout all of this I have not forgotten my victim who has to live with the residual affects of the trauma I inflicted upon her nealry 20 years ago. As a person with deep faith in God, each night that I say my prayers she has always been quite literally at the top of my list of those I pray for. I think of her daily sending positive thoughts and prayers that she is happy, healthy and been able to move on and enjoy the wonderful fruits that life has to offer.